Connecting families and loved ones with Kartiera.

If you work away from home and regularly need to send money home to friends and relatives you know that its often complicated, time consuming and really quite costly.

Kartiera is a perfect solution.

Over $500 billion is remitted every year by individuals sending money both domestically and internationally.

There are various methods to do this of course - banks, bureau's and money remittance businesses - and each solution has its advantages and disadvantages and various costs, opening times, queueing times and effort to make the transaction at both ends.

But how many solutions can make the transfer as good as this?

  • Instantly
  • Globally
  • Easily
  • Free
Apply for your Kartiera account for both yourself and the person(s) at the other end of the transaction

and you can collect and manage over 40 currencies. You can link any Kartiera account to your account. Paying these accounts could not be easier within Kartiera.

Kartiera is therefore perfect for individuals looking to manage their own money with our Prepaid Card and online wallet programme.

Connect your online wallet to your other Kartiera accounts and make payments anywhere in the world in over 40 currencies instantly!

What's more, your Kartiera Prepaid Mastercard give you access to millions of ATM's, online checkouts and shops worldwide.

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