Vertical Markets


Create your payment world with Kartiera.

With global scale, mutli-currency world class services, acceptance in millions of outlets for our Prepaid Card Kartiera can deliver a fantastic solution to many business networks.

Remittance Companies

With over $500 billion remitted globally more and more people need to send money home. Remittance companies with large customers bases of people looking for international currency movement services would benefit from a Kartiera programme.

Maritime Services

Globally 80-85% of maritime crew are made up of international workers. Payroll, expenses and gratuities on Cruise Ships are often paid out in cash or less accessable Prepaid programmes. This forces the crews to have to find costly and time consuming remittance services when on land. Kartiera delivers instant electronic payments, Prepaid options and the ability to connect to faimly at home.

Transport and Logistics

In the fast-moving world of logistics, freight movement and goods handling Kartiera gives commodity traders, importers and producers the platform to create a vertical network. Multi-currency, currency exchange instant Kartiera to Kartiera payments.

MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)

MVNO's are an ideal platform from which to launch a relevant and well-recieved money transfer business to add value to their services to international worker and expat client bases.

Food and Perishables

As with Transport and Logistics above the time-poor and perishable markets are well served on the Kartiera platform with instantly cleared Kartiera to Kartiera payments.


With an enormous international and mobile workforce, the Construction industry has a perfect profile for a Prepaid Card and Wallet programme.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotel and resort groups have large percentages of overseas workers that require payroll and gratuities solutions for their staff.

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