Why Kartiera?


Welcome to our payment world. We invite you to create your own.

What makes Kartiera different?

Many wallet and Prepaid card programmes suffer from two big problems

  • High and restrictive useage fee's
  • Limited products

Kartiera is a unique payment solution that tackles these major issues and more.

  • Firstly, Digital Payments Plc is a vertically integrated payment group that includes M2 Payment Solutions who have over 25 years experience in the card processing market. This means that there are less layers of 3rd parties in the Kartiera programme allowing us to deliver much better fee's and charges to our customers and Programme Managers.
  • Secondly, Kartiera is more than just a Prepaid Card and more than just an online wallet service Karteria combines
    • over 40 currency accounts
    • real-time foreign exchange
    • connecting Kartiera wallets for instant payments globally
    • Prepaid Mastercard

Kartiera is therefore perfect for individuals, businesses and Corporate's looking to manage their own Prepaid Card and online wallet programme.

Contact Us for more information, Follow Us on Twitter or email us on info@kartiera.com.