Our Vision


Changing the face of global banking and payments for individuals and business.

Digital Payments Plc, the owners of Kartiera, have ambitions to widen the availibility, the scale and the simplicity of collections, payments and managing your finances.

Our vertically-integrated payments group is structured to allow us to deliver our platform with fee's and charges that are incredibly cost-effective within the Prepaid Card and Wallet industry.

What is more, we will then be looking to extend our products and services globally into:

  • Peer to peer financial services such as lending
  • Invoicing for Small and Medium businesses
  • Paying Utility Bills directly from your wallet
  • True global payments footprint and coverage

Kartiera is therefore perfect for individuals, businesses and Corporate's looking to manage their own Prepaid Card and online wallet programme.

Contact Us for more information, Follow Us on Twitter or email us on info@kartiera.com.