Welcome to our payment world.

In a fast-moving world of travel, trade and commerce there is a demand for payment solutions that meet the changing needs of people and of business.


For individuals who are travelling, migrated, mobile international workers, overseas students and the population of millions of excluded, unbanked and underbanked Kartiera has world-class products to meet the needs to connect people to their families, their communities and their work.


Traditional cross border currency payments between businesses are slow, costly and time consuming to make. Kartiera can connect businesses, industries and sectors with multi-currency payments to anywhere in the world. Instant payments with instant clearance.


Thinking bigger. Your staff, customers, members and network can benefit from a PrePaid Card and Online Wallet programme giving your business added-value services, loyalty and revenue opportunities.


Kartiera is a revolutionary PrePaid Card and Online Wallet payment solution for individuals, SME businesses and Corporates to use for all their payment needs. Kartiera is:

  • Multi-Currency Online Wallet
  • Virtual and Physical PrePaid MasterCard®
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Multi-currency payments and collections
  • Real-Time Foreign Exchange
  • Leading Security and Card Protection services

Learn more below about our Group and our Products and Services below.

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Why Kartiera?

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Our Vision

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Kartiera Products

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How much does it cost to open a Kartiera account?

Nothing! It is totally free. you just simply need to register and provide us with the correct identification documents and we will open you up a wallet as soon as possible!

How many currencies do you operate on Kartiera?

Currently we provide over 40 currencies on the Wallet. Simply add or subtract currency accounts as and when you want to use them. We are always looking to add more so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Newsroom on the website for further announcements.

What is the difference between your virtual Prepaid Card and a physical Prepaid Card?

Your virtual Prepaid card has all the functionality of a normal physical Prepaid Card except so that you can use it online or over the phone. You are provided the Long Number, Expiry Date and the CVV details so you can use them as you would a normal Prepaid Card.